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SEO Glossary - R

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  1. Reciprocal link (link exchange, link partner) - Two sites which link to each other. Search engines usually don’t see these as high value links, because of the reciprocal and potentially incestuous nature.

  1. Redirect -A method used to change the URL location in an address bar and transport him to another URL. There are several methods of redirection like 301, 302.

  1. Regional long tail (RLT) - Multiple word keyword term which also contains the name of the city/place/region/country it is targeting.

  1. Robots.txt - Robots.txt is the first file in website that is visited by search engine spiders where from it gets an idea about the URLs that it should avoid while crawling the page. It is situated at the web root of a site.  It is an instructional guideline wherein we specify the URLs that we do not want the search engine spiders to crawl. If the sitemap.xml file is present here, we can refer the SE spider to crawl the pages as per priority.

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