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SEO Glossary - P

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  1. Pagerank (PR) - value assigned by google to each web page on a scale of 0 to 10. It quantifies link popularity and trust among other (proprietary) factors. More details on Google Page Rank at

  1. Pay for inclusion PFI - The practice of charging a fee to include a website in a search engine or directory. This is however not at all encouraged by Google

  1. Portal - A web service which offers wide range of features like Mail, chat, shopping, search engine all together.

    Example: Yahoo portal

  1. PPA (Pay Per Action ) - Very similar to Pay Per Click except publishers only get paid when there is a particular action being taken up like sign up, subcription or purchase.

  1. PPC (Pay Per Click) -  A kind of online advertising model where the advertiser needs to pay to the publisher only if his Ad is being clicked. Adwords is an example of PPC advertising by Google.


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