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SEO Glossary - M

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  1. Mashup - A web page which mainly comprises of single purpose software and other small programs (gizmos and gadgets) or in some cases links to such programs. Mashups are quick and easy content to produce and are often popular with users, and can make good link bait. Tool collection pages are sometimes mashups.
  2. META tags - Information within the HEAD section of an HTML page which renders information about the subject of the page. The most important Meta information are the Meta Title & Meta Description tags. Meta Title is visible in the title bar of the website. Meta description is not visible for the website but but is displayed in SERP when the website is displayed in the rankings. It is very essential to have correct META title and description tags, this information is displayed in SERP and helped the visitors get an idea of what the site is about.
  3. Metric - A standard of measurement used by analytics.
  4. MFA Made For Advertisements - Websites that are designed specifically for the purpose of getting advertisements. TV programs are yet yet another examples of MFA.
  5. Mirror site – A completely identical website located at a different address location.



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