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SEO Glossary - K

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  1. Keyword/ key phrase - The word or phrase that a user enters into a search engine. It is basically the search query put by the visitor to find out the information he needs.

  1. keyword cannibalization - The excessive reuse of one keyword on multiple web pages in the same website. Such process makes it difficult for the users and the search engines to determine which page is most relevant with respect to that particular webpage.

  1. keyword density - The percentage of words on a web page which are a particular keyword. This is often calculated to the total number of keywords to the total number of words existing in a web copy expressed as a percentage. If this value is unnaturally high the page may be penalized.

  1. keyword research An elaborate research process to determine the appropriate set of keywords to target for a website.

  1. keyword stuffing (keyword spam) – Random and increasingly high usage of keywords to meet SEO goals to the point of making it redundant in eyes of visitors.

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