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SEO Glossary - I

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1. Impression (page view) - A figure denoting the number of times a particular webpage was being viewed. This is mostly synonymous to a “pageview” in tehnical sense.

2. In bound link (inlink, incoming link) - Inbound link is a typical backlinks from related pages. They are immensely valued by search engines to determine your popularity as a credible websites. Sites with related and authentic backlink gain additional points by search engines while they determine your ranking with respect to a particular keyword query.

3. Index (Noun) - A database of WebPages and their content used by the search engines. In order to rank a particular site, Google checks its database with respect to the particular keyword query and displays results in the order of relevance.

    In the sense of verb it is used to denote the process of adding a web page in     the database of Search Engines. In order to check the  number of pages in     your website which is in search engine index, the following command is used.

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