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SEO Glossary - H

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  1. Hit- A standard by which web traffic was assessed. A hit happens whenever the server sends an object, for instance document, graphics, files etc.. However, this type of measurement has now phased out these days as a traffic is generally counted by way of pageviews. A pageview happens when a particular page is being navigated by the user. One page view can generate a number of hits.

  1. Hub (expert page) - A webpage which links to a number of related pages. This is different from that of a doorway page or a link farm which links to a number of unrelated domains/redirects to other domains and hence distracting users,

  1. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) – A “markup” which are used to add formatting, web functionality and style to plain text and makes it ready to be used in the internet as web content.

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