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SEO Glossary - C

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  1. Canonical issues - It is often difficult to avoid duplicate content, especially with ecommerce based Cms and wordpress. Also in many coases there is a conflict between,, and Such errors can in many way effect the rankings of a website. These issues can be dealt with effectively in several ways including - using the noindex meta tag in the non-canonical copies, using canonical tags or 301 server redirects to the canon.Click fraud - Improper clicks on a PPC advertisement by the publisher or manipulated by him so as to secure undeserved profit. It is a matter of concern for add agencies like Google, as it affects the advertiser's confidence and costs him a huge amount of money.

  1. Cloaking - Delivering different content to the search engine spider and human users. This is a black hat SEO technique and attracts penalty from search engines which gets the site totally banned from SERP.

  1. CMS Content Management System – Basically it is the back end of a website where from it is easier to manage Programs such as Wordpress. It makes it easier to make small changes in the website without involving continuous uploading and download of files.

  1. Code swapping (bait and switch) - Procedure of changing the content after high rankings are achieved and then watching if the results are better.

  1. Comment spam - Posting blog comments to generate backlink. The reason many blogs use no follow tags to avoid the link juice to pass away.

  1. Content (text, copy) - The text part of a web page that is supposed to add value to the visitors and help him get an idea regarding what the subject of the website is about. Advertisement, navigation menu, etc.. do not form a part of the body content.

  1. Contextual advertisement - Advertising related to the content.

  1. Conversion (goal) - Achievement of a quantifiable goal on a website. Add clicks, sign ups, and sales may be cited as examples.

  1. Conversion rate - Percentage of users who convert it may be expressed as total number of visitors converted to the total number of visitors in the website.

  1. CPC Cost Per Click - the rate that is paid per click for a Pay Per Click Advertiser

  1. CPM (Cost Per Mile/ cost per Thousand impressions) - A statistical metric used to quantify the average value / cost of Pay Per Click advertisements. M - from the Roman numeral for one thousand.

  1. Crawler (bot, spider) - A program or software of search engines which moves through the worldwide web, crawls individual websites. They mainly follow links to navigate across one page to another .

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