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URL Structure - parameter1

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What are the features of a good URL?

  •     Concise
  •     Neat Looking
  •     Should convey the information and also keywords
  •     Words separated by hyphen
  •     Stuffs keyword
  •     Not case sensitive
  •     Depth of URL

How to check ?

Concise – Is it within … characters? Check out from http://www.javascriptkit.com/script/script2/charcount.shtml

Neat Looking –

Example 1 (Right Format)


Example 2 (Not so Right Format)

http://www.domain.com/index.php?x=1& y=2& z=3& a=4&b=5& c=6& name=tom& job=seo& content=about

How to Indentify?

This can be analyzed in many different ways, some of these include:

  •     by navigating the site
  •     Analyzing sitemap.xml
  •     running an Xenu crawl and viewing the list of URLs
  •     looking at pages indexed in Google

Should convey the information regarding what the page is about –

URL should contain targeted keyword for the page. At the same time it should also give a clear understanding about the subject matter of the page. Try to understand the purpose of the page and check whether that is visible from the URL structure

Words separated by hyphen

Two words should be should be ideally separated by hyphens and not by underscores

Keyword Stuffing

Is there repeated use of keywords in the URL? Does it use keywords to the point that it fails to give actual information about the subject matter of the page?

Avoid SPAM: www.domain.com/keyword1-keyword2-keyword3-keyword4-keyword5-keyword6

. Try to stick with 3-5 words max in your URL. According to Google’s Matt Cutts if there are more than 5 words…

[Google] algorithms typically will just weight those words less and just not give you as much credit.”

Case sensitivity

For Example

Good URL:


Bad URL:


How to Identify?

1. Though manual navigation of the site and observing case changes in URLs

2. Using Google index queries to identify page duplication

3. Using Xenu data and ordering by URL

#Depth of URL

Avoid excessive page/directory depth (http://www.domain.com/site/category/shoes/sub-category/nike/product/my-a...

) as this makes the page look as if its buried deep within the site

Solution Method:

If any of these issue exist, ask the developer to make the changes and guide him accordingly. The same should also be covered in the suggestion document.

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