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100 Links Per page

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The total number of links existing in the page can not be more than 100.  In the words of Matt Cutts,
“So how might Google treat pages with well over a hundred links? If you end up with hundreds of links on a page, Google might choose not to follow or to index all those links. At any rate, you’re dividing the PageRank of that page between hundreds of links, so each link is only going to pass along a minuscule amount of PageRank anyway.” For more reference read http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/how-many-links-per-page/

How to Indentify?
1.    Navigate the site and try to get an idea on the number of links … including both external and internal
2.    Download the SEOmoz toolbar and use the specific link checker to highlight the number of internal links and also the number of external links.
Solution Method:
1. Kindly advice the developer to work on it and reduce the number of internal links if possible
2. The external links from the site should be removed ideally and a suggestion should be made with respect to that.

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