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SEO Process

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SEO Process – How it should work

Search Engine Optimization is the process of making a website more visible to the search engines so that it appears in the search engines for the relevant search terms. Visit What is SEO and When To Do SEO pages for more information.

SEO is done for different purpose at different levels. Hence, there can be difference in the process based on the industry (travel, education, finance, leisure, construction etc.), the objectives (SEO for Sales, Growth or Branding), the status of the website (old, just launched, mature etc.) and other factors.

Here are the basic SEO processes that you have to do follow as you start SEO.

First, we get the SEO Questionnaire filled up by the client to understand the requirement, their goals etc. Once that is done the intensive SEO process begins. 

1. SEO Setup Tasks

  • Google Analytics, Webmaster and other tracking tool configuration
  • Social profile creation, preferably on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. It includes account creation and image creation.

2. Keyword Research

  • Find out brand keywords
  • Find out keywords with buying intent
  • Find out keywords with research intent
  • Finally decide which keywords to target for the first phase of work

3. SEO Regular Activities – This is again divided into few specific tasks

  • Structural SEO – This is a one-time task. This is done to make sure that the website conforms to the technicalities preferred by the search engines – whether the URL structure is good, whether they navigation is proper, if all important pages can be accessed from home page. In case of ecommerce sites structural SEO is very important. 
  • On-page SEO – This includes that activities that are done at the page level to make the pages more visible in the search engines – adding proper and unique Title, H1, H2 tags, interlinking related pages so that readers can explore more are some of the things done under on-page.
  • Off-page SEO – This includes hard core marketing and improve citations at various levels. Activities like Content Marketing, PR, Relationship building with webmasters and bloggers etc. are done at this level. 

4. Content Addition

  • This is a supportive activity but immensely helpful. Adding content to the website is a very healthy practice. Well researched and useful information attracts readers organically. This should be done parallel to other SEO activities.

Here is a graphical representation of the SEO process.

Take a look at the SEO Audit section to know which factor influences ranking and how. 


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