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SEO Guarantee

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Does SEO Offer any Guaranteed Return

  1. Do you guarantee first page rank in Google?
  2. Do you guarantee leads from your SEO activities?
  3. Do you guarantee traffic?

These are the questions most people ask us. However, there is no one word answer to these questions, though they expect a ‘Yes’. 

  • Why there is no one word answer?
  • Why no one can assure guaranteed first page rank in Google?

The answer is, it is against Google’s policy. Google shows results based on its own algorithm. Ethically, no one can assure first page rank to anybody, not even Google, when it comes to organic SEO ranking.

Here is the screenshot.

Instead, what we guarantee is:

  1. Right strategy to help you achieve your goals
  2. Structural SEO – this is an investment that remains with your website for ever
  3. Tracking and reporting processes are put in place
  4. Relevant and useful content creation
  5. Improving citations and mentions
  6. Ensuring a strong social presence

Overall, we guarantee Organic Growth which eventually leads to Ranking, Traffic and Sales.

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