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URL of same product under multiple ecommerce categories

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Question: We have one product Large 3m cable ties, which falls under 3 categories say 3m cable ties, red cable ties and green cable ties, what should be the URL

  1. domain.com/Large-3m-cable-ties
  2. domain.com/3m-cable-ties/large-3m-cable-ties
  3. domain.com/green-cable-ties/large-3m-cable-ties
  4. should the product page have multiple URLs? Like accessable from domain.com/green-cable-ties/large-3m-cable-ties and domain.com/3m-cable-ties/large-3m-cable-ties

There are multiple ways to solve it


  1. One is create and maintain duplicate products which is not bad if there are limited duplicate products, also for each product you can add specific information as per the category. Example a cable tie falling under 2 categories say red cable ties and green cable ties, we can still write content saying "This is one of the most sort after cable tie in red color, red being preferred by ...." where we focus towards red for one product and the duplicate of that will focus on color green ... 10% duplicate pages are no problems at all
  2. Option 2 is to select the first category or one category as the main category and add to URL. When the product comes under different category the URL can either remain same or change but the canonical URL will not change, canonical URL will take the default category's URL. It is a good solution but it is difficult to cross check as it is human depended, if we need to make it system depended then we are doing a lot extra work to get something small fixed, it may introduced new bugs as it is not a default was of handling it.
  3. Leave products as it, not a big problem either but not advisable as products forms a large part of the website.
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