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Keyword in Meta Description

Keywords in Meta description:

Category: On-page Value
Frequency of Checking: Monthly
Importance Level: 3/5 (It doesn’t affect ranking but helps in better CTR)

  • Do’s: Limit it to 154 characters. Good Meta Descriptions can help us better Click through Rates in Search Engine Result pages, which helps in better ranking. If a certain site clicked more from results in search engines, search engines give more value to it. Example, when people see Wikipedia in the result pages they click on it even when it is ranking very low as people like Wikipedia. Thus Search Engines promote Wikipedia above others. You can have email id, phone numbers in Meta description, and show your strength under the Meta description. See the keywords that are bringing traffic to a page and search with the keyword to see if the description that appears in the search engine is proper.
  • Don’ts: Don’t Stuff it with keywords.
  • Quality check: Check the webmaster consoles and see the duplicate Meta description. Also make sure that the targeted pages have proper title.
  • Progress check: See how many Meta Descriptions are fixed. Some of the pages may go through many changes, so we can keep a track of that too.