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Structural SEO

Structural SEO For Large Websites Like Ecommerce, Portal

Unlike regular onpage and offpage SEO, structural SEO is a new and unknown concept to most of the people. Here is how we can explain it,

Suppose you have a very large website, then traditional approach of SEO neither makes sense to you nor it is time saving, in that case you need structural SEO.

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Strutural SEO gives you a specific structure to your website, like in structural SEO product pages are defined, category pages are different. All the product pages comes under same format and optimized at a time which saves your time, our labour and ultimately your costing. For any ecommerce website , if it has 10,000 pages and each page takes 1 hour for onpage(considering minimum) then it will take 10,000 hours and almost $1,20,000 which is huge. Where as for structural SEO all those work can be done under 100 hours which means it will cost you $1200 which is almost 90% less where as the return is almost same.

See what we have for one client of us when we used structural SEO for them

700% increase in traffic in 2 months using Structural SEO


The website is in travel niche; from the day one we realized that it had huge potential because of its approach. It promotes offbeat and unconventional holidays. Even after putting the on-page stuff in place and doing off-page optimization the website was not ranking.

Then we identified the real problem; the structural SEO was not in proper shape. We optimized the website, recommended proper categories, used a hierarchical structure and it worked. The website is now getting significant volume of sales from organic search.

Learning from the project: All the aspects of a website needs to be taken care of – the success comes when structural SEO, on-page, off-page, social presence user interface and quality of service – everything is in sync.

Costing for structural SEO

As we have already mentioned, structural SEO will save a lot of costing of yours. To get an idea about structural SEO just talk to us here

We charge $12 per hour for structural SEO.  The amount of hour will depend upon your no. of pages. Just talk to us to know more. Mail us at or fill up the contact form.