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Keyword Analysis Process - Simplified

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#1. Idea Building – exploring dimensions
The success to a good keyword analysis process is to explore more about the website, its market and try to frame an idea about
Product/service of the website
The site's business  model
Once done we already start generating a lot of ideas that may relate to the overall business, their major services, other unimportant services and the like. The best way to do the research is to segregate your already generating keyword ideas into two parts viz. Dimensions & Attributes.
What re Dimensions ?
To put it plain, keyword dimension may refer to

  • what the site is offering?
  • What's their main line of business?
  • What defines them ?
  • What re their major services? Minor services?

If I have to plot down the keyword dimensions for a company that sells all types of garments online, my keyword dimension could be
garments, clothing, dresses, trousers, blazers, shirts, frock
On a broader perspective, it could be
shopping, shop, store, etc..

now, what are attributes?
In the above illustration it can be online, India, buy, price ….
now when these specific attributes are combined with the dimensions above we get something like this  


  • Garments
  • clothing
  • dresses
  • trousers
  • blazers
  • shirts
  • Frocks

Attribuite >>Online

When we combine the dimensions in the left part of the table with the attribute at the right, it would give rise to a number of keyphrases like

  • Garments online
  • clothing online
  • dresses online
  • trousers online  and more...

hence,  the formula would stand as

Dimension + Attribute = keyphrase
following is the broad classification of Dimantion & Attributes that we need to work on
keyword dimension and attributes

#2: Cultivating Ideas
Once we have prepared the keyword groups, take each group of keywords, put the same in Google Adword tool.
Quick Essentials

  • Go to google Adword tool and bookmark it.  
  • Sign in
  • Go to columns> Select “All Columns”
  • Make sure you have selected the targeted country
  • Make the suggestion Exact
  • Take individual groups of keywords and Search. Download the suggestion ideas for each keyword.
  • Kindly Rename the CSV files and save the same in XLXs. While rename, make sure that the new filename denotes about the specifc section of keywords that are in the file.

keyword tool

#3: What other tools can you use for More Keyword Ideas?  
Apart for the above, we can make an analysis of the keywords used by the competitors. This will rule out the option of missing out important keywords that may also be targeted for the project.
Select the most important keywords from the keyword ideas you’ve got and Google it.
We may assume top ten sites that come up to be direct competitors of the project.
Note: It is important to also study them briefly and evaluate their suitability as competitors using your judgment. Consult with seniors if you are not sure

Check out the keywords that are used by these competitors. A careful analysis of the Title, Description and especially the Keyword Metatags would cater us with a better idea about the keyword that is targeted by them.

#4: Example Tool
Upload all files into Example Tool.

Steps To Be Followed:

  1. Visit Example Tool  and Login
  2. Select Client, Add client if not added previously
  3. Click on “Select this domain for further Analysis”
  4. Go to keyword Management
  5. Open “Upload Keywords” in new Tab.
  6. Select the files to be uploaded
  7. Select Country, Add country if not added previously
  8. Assign Priority
  9. Add tags

Note: The tags should ideally be the filename that has been used to save the keyword file. This is to make a better understanding and easy sorting process of keywords at a later phase.

#5. Final “Keyword Research” Document
Once all the keywords are being added in the Example Tool, we need to prepare a final “Keyword Research” document.
What steps should we follow?
Classify all the keywords into various sheets in an Excel file. You may use the previously downloaded documents and organize the content of the various excel file into several sheets. Include all the data that are available except “Ad Share”, “Google Search Network” & “Search Share”

Add filter
Sort on the basis of Local Monthly Searches or Global Monthly Searches as the case may be
Remove unwanted keywords and duplicates
A sample keyword research document may include the following sections of keywords

  • Industry Keyword (usually targeted to Homepage, About Us or any other page that broadly defines that website’s market and their activities)
  • Brand Keywords
  • Top level service/product Keywords
  • Sub category Keyword
  • Any other keyword that may complement the top level/ sub category keywords
  • Keywords Referring traffic to the website
  • Any other keyword suggested by the client.

The list is however not exclusive, there may be many other levels of keywords that may eventually get included in sue course.
An example keyword document is maintained. To know more, you may click here

#6. Focused Keyword Sheet
After the final keyword document is drafted, we should assess the immediate need of the client, search volumes, search trends and prepare the final list of focused keyphrases.
Keywords to be reflected in the final sheet should ideally have the following criteria
To arrive at the focused  list of keyphrases we may like to consider several parameters as follows

1. Search volume of the keywords(Already found out using Google Adword Tool.. here we need to select the best keywords with highest relevance and search volume)
2. Include Keyword suggested  by the client.
3. Strength of the website (here we may consider the number of content, links and also existing rankings for the keywords)
4. Strength of the business in a particular area  (we may try to gain an impression from the site by taking a look at the number of pages dedicated to the service/ or may communicate with the client about his preferred product/ service that he may choose to market)
5. Competition of the keyword (To be found out from majestic SEO calculating the Ranking Difficulty index factor)
What is Ranking difficulty index?
We try to arrive at a figure comparing the main keyword of the site from Majestic SEO by calculating the number of domains that also use the same keyword in their titles.
Go to
Click Keyword checker and you arrive at
Put the keywords in the text box and check
For instance if we type ‘dresses online’ in the keyword box we would get something like

majestic seo process

By doing an onmouseover we will get the description of each value and we select the value “number of times keyword is found in the title” and plot it in excel as “Ranking Difficulty Index”. On the basis of the allotted score we can again find out the relative importance of each of the focused keyphrases
6. The focused set of keywords should be further regrouped as
Industry keyword
Service oriented keywords/category keywords
7. A line to be included at the bottom mentioning the consideration of brand keywords in the document.
8. The same procedure as explained above should also form a part of the introductory document.
After that, we should assign the correct URL with respect to each keyword. The same may be found out from Google using the following command

site:”domain name”(Space)Keyword
i.e keyword
This would return the pages that Google thinks important with respect to the keyword query. The first result is likely to be the one most relevant. However, it is simultaneously essential to use our own discretion and if necessary review the site again before deciding the right one.
The focused keyword list should ideally appear as the first sheet in colored tab.

#A. Keyword assignment for Link:
One targeted URL should contain a set of keywords which has to be used for link building purposes.
1. Primary keyword (1 or 2)
2. Secondary Keywords (3)
The keywords for a garment retailing website can be

Primary keyword

  • Dresses online
  • dresses online australia

Secondary Keyword

  • buy dresses online australia
  • womens dresses online
  • ladies dresses online australia

These will be moderated by the link team and put in broad phrases during the course of their work.

#B. Keyword Assignment for content
Similar to above, keyword suggestion for content too would be like
1. Primary keyword (1 or 2)
2. Secondary Keywords (4)

The content team/client would then develop the matter upon these keyphrases and the same will be used for submission for web content development purposes.

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