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How Do You Measure

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Measurement or tracking is essential to make sure you reach where you want to go

Measurement is required and there are many reasons behind; such as:

  1. Measurement helps you identify ROI (Here is an extensive article on ROI tracking)
  2. Measurement helps you spot how far are you from your objective – whether the progress is in-line with your vision or not
  3. Measurement helps you to know whether the team is doing the right thing or not (it keeps you away from Toothbrush 
  4. Measurement helps you at decision making level; you get to know which marketing channel is giving you the best result and where you should invest more
  5. Measurement helps to prepare your future plans

At TechShu, we help our customers to measure the SEO activities by checking different metrics. 

  1. Effort metric (Report): This is the area where we explain all the activities that we have done in a month or within a specific span of time to achieve our goals. (The activities are usually pre-declared and approved by the clients)
  2. Result metric (To track ROI): This is where you can see how the effort is helping you to achieve what you want. This helps you identify whether the strategy needs to be changed. We use various tools including Google Webmaster, Google Analytics to generate report.

You can check our detailed article on Reporting


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