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Digital Marketing for Restaurants


Digital Marketing Mix for Restaurants 

90% of problem/solution lies in wrong/right selection of digital marketing mix. Often restaurant owners (before hiring our services) ask us to focus on channels their competitors are focussing on and making a success of it. But one size doesn’t fit all! 

Digital & Restaurant 

What were the ingredients of restaurant success a decade back? Food quality & safety; service; ambience; menu; location, & traditional advertising. Fast forward to the present. And you can’t ignore adding digital to the list. Restaurants are gradually looking for digital solutions to communicate with their existing clients and prospects

Which Digital Marketing Channel Will Work for My Restaurant?

Suppose you’re the owner of a pizza joint. Such offers work 9 out of 10 times. 
However, simply posting such offers on Facebook isn’t a success formula that’s going to work for every restaurant. You need a 360 degree digital marketing plan that will leverage the platforms your customers/prospects frequently use. Contact our team to discuss the right digital marketing platforms your restaurant. Based on our discussions we’ll analyse the platforms that will boost your restaurant’s reach to target audience. 

Digital Mix for Restaurants – Channels to Include 

  • SEO – It’s Not Dead, And Never Will Be 

Restaurants are some of the most-searched types of businesses in local. For example, for the keyword “restaurants in Kolkata” the interest over time has increased manifold 
What does it mean? Users are searching for restaurants online. And they hardly look at the results displayed on Page 2 of any search engine. Sites that appear on top 3 positions on Page 1 of Google receive 58.4% of all clicks, according to a result published in 2011 from Optify.
As a restaurant owner what’s your goal – do you want quick SEO for short-term returns or you intend to build SEO profit block? Tell us your goals & get a no-obligation analysis. Fill in the form below. 
  • Email – Relevant & Targeted Message 

Email marketing still delivers great results
A recent study by Custora found that emails now account for almost 7% of customer acquisitions. In the last 4 years the businesses have seen customer acquisition increase fourfold via email.  
Transaction emails achieve around 20 % higher click rates than regular junk mail, according to a study by the email marketing provider Experian Marketing Services. Plus, they have an open rate of 47%, the study found. 
Transaction emails work great for restaurants 
You can send out reservation confirmation emails (transactional emails). If you’re offering discounts on weekends or adding a new dish to the menu – include the message in the email. 
  • Social Media – leveraging the two-way communication between restaurant and users 

But not every channel will give you returns as expected. Monitor which channels are working for you. A major chunk of your efforts, resources and budget should be allocated to those channels. Restaurants are seeing niche social networks like Yelp and Foodspotting deliver great results. For instance, Nombe, a Japanese restaurant in San Francisco, has created personalized recommendation guides and scavenger hunts on Foodspotting to help prospects make better-informed purchasing decisions. 
  • Mobile – why add mobile to the digital marketing mix ?

These figures are the answer- 81% of mobile consumers have conducted a search for a restaurant via their mobile device - SinglePlatform at Constant Contact. Mobile coupons have a 10% to 30% redemption rate, compared to traditional paper coupons, which have less than a 1% redemption rate - National Restaurant Association partner CMSText. 
How did a small restaurant leverage the power of mobile with its Sweat Like a Pig, Then Eat One Campaign?
Rashers, a bacon-only tiny restaurant in Leslieville, ran a contest where customers had to travel (cycle/run) a route around Toronto in the shape of a pig. To win the contest, customers had to show the proof via a smartphone exercise app.
The winners were rewarded with a 30% discount on a bacon sandwich. 
Let us collaborate & create success for your restaurant in a digital way. Get in touch with us