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Digital marketing for Real Estate Agents- Beyond SEO

Online marketing is now an accepted way of reaching out to your target audience. Every business sector across countries has adapted online publicity avenues for faster and focused approach towards market penetration. The same is also true for real estate agents.  
Real estate is a high value business where people invest fortunes. The stakes being high buyers always make thorough market research before buying property. If you are a property dealer you must at first gain the confidence of buyers. This is not done in a matter of days but takes several months.  
Off late the searches relative to real estate have witnessed an uprising graph worldwide. Here’s a Google trend chart data portraying the graphs from the very start of 2013 till August 2014  

Traditional marketing methods
Real estate agents use traditional publicity methods like print media ads, outdoor media, and electronic media extensively for brand building. These avenues have been successful but to a certain limit. Why? The answer lies is monitoring ROI.  
Traditional marketing methods oftentimes fail to ascertain the exact amount of ROI. For instance, you spend a million for a billboard Ad on a it’s difficult to ascertain the exact number of visitors who saw the display and ultimately bought the product/service. Right ?    
Traditional marketing methods fall short of ascertaining the exact demands of consumers. This is what separates online digital marketing from its offline counterparts. Right from measuring the exact market demand, visitors, their behavior, conversion...all important matrix are measurable online. This essentially makes digital marketing a must have for real estate agents and entrepreneurs.  

In order to develop online success, there are certain defined channels that one may opt for like SEO, Email Marketing, Social media, PPC for real estate business. However, aside from these, there are certain must have crucial elements inyour website taht you would need to take care of especiall if you are in real estat business.
How is online marketing beneficial for real estate agents?
Real estate, as already stated, is a high value business and often involves a lumpsum amount of money. Naturally a buyer is cautious about his spending and would love to do a meticulous research before investing in his home.  
Let’s take a look at the consumer behavior of a buyer before he makes a purchase decision.  

High Involvement: This particular matrix denotes the involvement of a buyer in he goods or services. This is mainly applicable for expensive goods an services. Te buyer takes a lot of time before arriving at any concrete decision on his purchase.  
The consumer hence takes time in decision making...he may also seek out various options available in he market, compare prices, and tries to collect as much product information as possible from different buyers.  
Addressing what your customer is looking for: This is where the realtors need to actually pitch in. You should reach out to him and answer your buyer’s queries with conviction. A buyer must feel confident about his decisions, and the onus lies entirely on you about convincing him. You need to be there for your potential buyer at the time of his need.  

Creating Trust:  A website is of primary necessity for being convincing to prospective buyers of real estate. Having said that, it is simultaneously necessary to make your website trustworthy. Remember that the buyers always in search of credible personas when it comes to high involvement goods and services
If you happen to be winner of awards, certifications or other recognition that you think you can boast of, do not hesitate to proclaim the same in your website.