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PPC for E-commerce

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We have already discussed how digital marketing can generate immense value for your business; it is now essential to dig into details and figure out how each of the channels falling under the purview of digital marketing can help you generate effective ROI for your business.  
Let’s take a look at the way things work.
Before you opt fo PPC as a channel for marketing, it is important to find out why you would opt for this channel in the first place.  
Among all digital marketing endeavors for ecommerce, SEO works great for most businesses. However, it also includes a chain of efforts to be executed.  

Keyword Discover>>keyword Finalization>> Onpage SEO implementation>>Monitoring Ranks>>Checking traffic>>Monitoring conversions>>Assessing ROi generated from the process.

This, takes TIME. No matter how good a digital marketing company you hire for your business, SEO is definitely takes some time before you start reaping rewards. However, most businesses especially small businesses has to have a survival strategy in place in order to let the bushiness survive through this period. Hence, PPC for ecommerce .

The following data extracted from Google Trends, surely testifies to the increasing demand for PPC for ecommerce business owners

Why is PPC recommended for ecommerce?  

  • Pay per click is an excellent option in the sense that money is paid by an advertiser only when its ad is clicked by a visitor.  
  • While SEO is a categorically analyzed process, PPC takes you straight to leads. If your research and strategies are right, to cultivate leads is much simpler  
  • You can plough back the profit you reap from the initial leads and invest the same in your Ad budget.  
  • A PPC campaign always puts your Advertisement on the first page and preferably towards the top position of Search Engine Result pages (SERP) and that too with competitive keywords. This Keyword bidding – This is a highly effective way of ensuring higher CTR for a PPC advertisement.
  • Visitors feel that the websites ranking towards the first page are better than others. This in a way influences your website’s branding process. People remember your site better and this surely creates brand recall for your business.   
  • Apparently you do pay with every click; however it is important to note that somebody who buys from your site once is likely to buy it again provided your product really adds value to them. Hence you invest once for a single buyer but reap the rewards of this investment over a long period of time.
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