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Fixed Package

Power Local Listing

Price$399 (250 GBP) (one time payment). This is a special offer for Local Business . This is an experimental pricing, limited for few days.


  • Summary: Getting Local Listing and optimizing it to get more visibility and ranking
  • Timeline: We work for  3 months
  • keywords: We Focus on 10 keywords and get ranking for 2 keywords.
  • Listing on Business directories: In 20 major Business Listing (which includes 5 plus major business listings which powered by Google) with consistent data + interlinking to get maximum out of ranking.
  • Reviews for Local Ranking: We help you in adding reviews and guide you in getting more reviews.
  • Google place factor improvements: We update your Google places account page few times.
  • Website Improvement for Local ranking: Shall provide our review guide+ We will send you a website audit report
  • Bing places page creation: We create a Local Business page account in Bing(search engine by Microsoft)
  • Brand Name Protection: We Reserve your business name on 10 different social media websites (Depends on availability)
  • Boost Link Popularity: (Each Link is a vote for ranking) :5+
  • Social Media presence: Google plus Local Page (we will integrate your Google social media page with your Google Local Listing page and make your business “verified local business” which increases the credibility of your business infront of your local customers + Business page creation in Top 2 social media sites + Google Plus Posts (This is the first step towards increasing your social web presence)
  • Custom report generation: Monthly report

Get Started

Or else if you want to go with any of those packages just send us a mail at or you can also contact us here.