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Google Places Review Acquisition Strategy

Real Customer Review is important for better ranking

- We need your help to get real customer review (which needs to be posted by customers themselves)
- This section will explain some of the strategies to get real customer reviews.
- This needs to be done by Client’s team (who are interacting with the customers directly)

How  to get  reviews from Real (HAPPY) Customers :

(Please do read FAQs carefully as well). As mentioned, we want to get reviews from Happy customers only, to the possible level (unhappy customers are anyway writing it somewhere or other. We have also mentioned about how to take care of bad reviews)


Where all can customers review your business:

Google not only consider reviews that are posted on Google+ page but also considers reviews done on other important listing websites like Yelp, manta, Finda etc.

#1. You have physical shops where customers visit:

After purchase (or some queries) when you feel that the customer/visitor is happy,

  • You can give them a printout to review your business. We can provide you some sample printouts
  • You can collect their email ids and send an email to them, We can provide you some samples
  • You can also collect their phone numbers and request them through sms/call (not a very recommended method)
  • You can also do, print + email (Follow up to get as many reviews as possible)


#2.People have visited your website

  • The website should have links to Google Plus, Yelp etc. Ideally there should be a page which should say ( and you should put all the links here.
  • Once a customer has purchased from you, you must collect their email id. You should email the customer to get a feedback.
  • Once you feel the customer is happy, you should send them an email for review.
  • Also in case if you have the customers postal address, you should send them a post with the review prints.


#3. Incentive for the review:

  • Freemiums , for the review you can give some free coupons or gifts
  • In case of ecommerce, after purchase, you can give discounts or cash back for reviews
  • The review buttons should be posted along with the purchase thank you pages.


google places reviews


Other ideas to promote your business:

1.Using YELP & Social media

You can print stickers like “Find us on Yelp” or “Find us on Google Plus” and paste the same at different  physical places or design the same for your website and lead them to review sites,to aware your happy clients as where they can write testimonials and reviews.

2.Requesting for testimonials

Print on the receipt (we can even provide you different formats and designs) and/or say in person, “If you enjoyed your time tonight, we love getting reviews on Yelp.” Just say that, and nothing else. It’s purely informational even though it’s a passive way of saying, “We want a testimonial.”

3.Create a DEAL

If you have a deal or giving coupons,you can always ask for reviews in return of a testimonial.

4.Use Your Testimonials

Most businesses receive a bunch of unsolicited words of praise or testimonials. Don’t just leave them sitting doing nothing in your email inbox. Now that you now have a happy customer that has provided you a genuine raving review, reply or phone the customer and ask if they’d be happy to re-post the review on your Google+ Local listing. Be mindful that these reviews should not appear anywhere else on the Web as Google tends to remove these from your page.

whether your business has a physical location, a dynamic one, or delivers online, ensure to promote reviews

6.Boost Internal Recognition and Promotion

Make sure your staff proactively inviting customers to leave a review on your Local+ page?
As reviews continue to become more important, educate your employees on the how-to and the significance in great customer feedback online. A steady flow of reviews will assist your business in avoiding the dreaded Google review filter.

Google reviews also helps to correct weaknesses at your service and product levels. If you receive a negative review about your business, you can use Google’s business owner response to understand the situation with the customer. As a verified business owner, you can publicly respond to reviews posted directly on Google in an effort to show off your fantastic customer service skills.