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1.Where will my ad show?

Your ad will show next to Google search results on the web, mobile phones, Google Maps, and possibly on relevant partner websites.

2.Where geographically will people see my ad?

Your ad can show when people anywhere include your location in their searches (ex: “pizza san francisco”) or when people are already in your geographic area and simply search for your products (ex: “pizza parlor”).

3. Do I need a website to use Adwords Express?

No. If you don't have a website, your ad will direct potential customers to your free Google+ page (an online business listing on Google).

4. Do I need an office or storefront?

No. All you need is a mailing address. If for some reason you'd like to hide your address (if, for instance, you work at home or have a mobile business) you can easily make it private. However, AdWords Express is specifically designed for local businesses. If you want to advertise in a larger geographic area, consider using AdWords.

5. Whats the difference between Adwords Express and Adwords?

AdWords Express is an advertising solution specifically designed for local small businesses and first-time advertisers. You don’t need a website and don’t have to spend any time on managing your ad campaigns. We do all that for you.
AdWords is for businesses that want more features, more reports, more tools and more control over their ad campaign. With AdWords you can advertise not only locally but also regionally or nationwide. If you want to select your own keywords or write multiple ads (for example, if you want to promote multiple products or services) you should sign up for Google AdWords.