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We're an ROI-focussed, data-driven and client-centered digital marketing agency for businesses in Hyderabad. At TechShu, there's no one-size-fits-all strategy. For some clients, we implement the mix of structural SEO + FB Ads whereas for others we may go with the mix of structural SEO + PPC + social media marketing works. Our principles remain same ( work with honesty, ethical strategies and focus on the ROI) but with every client the strategy and plan changes. A part of our success depends on our well-defined, constantly evaluated and consistently improved Processes

Why Us? 

Innovation, Exceution, Implementation - Check our USPs.  We're a Google and Microsoft Bing certified Partner. We are a recognized and associate member of TIE; our Group Company is member of NASSCOM. Check our Certifications and Recognition

SEO for Local Businesses in Hyderabad

One of our clients – a cake shop in Hyderabad – approached us for SEO. They have an e-commerce website and people from all over India can place orders from the website. Their goal from the SEO efforts was to get more sales from their website. We crafted a digital mix strategy for them. We started with inorganic advertisement and increased the sales significantly. The major success came from social media ads and social media engagement. In the later phase, we will start implementing advanced SEO and other marketing channels. Digital Mix is the new SEO

Scope of SEO in Hyderabad 

The city conjures up images of nawabs, old world charm, pearl shopping, delicious biryanis and kebabs. However, “the city of nawabs” (or the “city of pearls or “city of charminaars” - the list of sobriquets seems endless) has another face – the one that’s vibrant, fast-paced, and boasts of a strong business climate. It’s the business center of the state - it’s home to IT, pharmaceutical and real estate industry; Microsoft’s first and the biggest office in India and Facebook’s only office in the country are located here. Other tech majors who have their offices in Hyderabad include - Google,, IBM, Dell, Yahoo and Oracle. More than 80 % of bulk drug and pharma industries are located in and around Hyderabad. 
In the recent years, the city has seen people getting interested in the digital way of life. The proof – a slew of digital marketing institutes and SEO agencies in Hyderabad. Big deals like Ogilvy acquiring a majority stake in Hyderabad-based start-up digital company have given a boost to the city’s digital marketing landscape. Also, Hyderabad is famous for hosting some of the biggest and the most-talked about seminars on digital marketing. The list includes – ISB Digital Summit and SEMPO Hyderabad.   
The city has 4.7 million internet users; that’s a big number and no business can afford to give it a miss. Around 80-90% of customers now check online ( be it reviews/business website) before making a purchase. Without proper SEO it’s not easy to get noticed. And businesses are increasingly coming to grips with this fact.  


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