Report: Facebook Plugins Most Used; Google+1 On the Rise

BrightEdge, an enterprise SEO platform, has released its July 2011 SocialShare Site Analysis on the adoption of links and social sharing plugins of Facebook, Google, and Twitter. The report, which is an analysis of the front pages of the Web’s 10,000 largest sites, shows that – Facebook plugins are still the most popular; there’s been a 33% increase in placement of the Google+1 button.  The report compared data between the month of June 2011 and July2011.
The analysis found that Facebook is still preferred by larger companies with more than 47 percent of sites linking to the social network. Next in the line is Twitter, it was seen that 42 percent of the sites analyzed had integrated Twitter into their homepages. The analysis also reported that almost 17 percent of the largest sites have links to YouTube video on their front page.
With social plugins Facebook is still ruling the scenario. Almost 20% of the sites analysed use Facebook plugins on their front page where as Google +1 is only offered by 4.4 percent of the sites analyzed.  And 3.4%of the front pages analyzed offered plugins by Twitter.
“Overall, this inaugural version of our SocialShare Site Analysis shows huge opportunity for brands to engage more socially,” said Jim Yu, CEO of BrightEdge. “Fewer than half the largest sites on the Web offer any kind of social link at all on their front page and these sites represent a massive slice of Internet traffic on any given day. We would expect to see a land grab effort this year as plug-ins vie for placement on this very valuable Web real estate.”