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How to select the right PPC company?

Often people select an Adwords or Bing expert company but they should select a marketer having proper marketing skill who has PPC knowledge. The marketing skill is much more important than Adwords or Bing knowledge.

Another important factor to select a PPC company is their character, how ethical they are; how integrity does they have etc. Until and unless you work with an honest company, you will hardly get any success.

Where do we stand?

TechShu Case Studies – PPC as game changer

Conversion rate from 3% to 18%, leads from 35 to 200+ daily

Nothing worked except FB ads which created 133k USD from 2k USD

It’s never about the costing, it’s about the return.For Many more case studies for PPC as game changer Please Contact Us.

Costing – we are inexpensive

The industry standard is One time setup (for the first month) + 10-20% of media budget (what you spend for ads). But we go beyond that, to make things easier for you and to reduce your risk initially we charge you less and once things start working for you, we charge you accordingly.

For more accurate costing specifically for your business, fill up the form.

Where do we stand?

There are more. Also ads can be shown for branding purpose (ask us how)

Our Process

  1. Analysis, discussion, channel selection
  2. Adcance level tracking and testing
  3. Messaging & landing pages, improvise, sync with ads, A/B testing, Multivariate testing
    1. We try to experiment with landing page and the mesage in this, then we create multiple landing pages with different messages and landing pages. Ultimately we select the page which gives us more converdsions and better result.
  4. Optimization of whole account and all dimensions, like costing, CPA, conv rate, clicks etc.
  5. Advance level extensive reporting (we have 10 different types of reporting giving you the accountability of the smallest thing as well)

Golden Rule for PPC

  • Never look at traffic volume(if you are not doing it for branding or engagement), look at conversions
  • There are two concepts; either go for broad keywords with limited budget and then getting idea about search queries and then gradually making it niche or go for targeted keywords first and then expanding the market gradually.
  • Are you 100% confident about your tracking? NO? Then better not start PPC (we are known for 100% tracking, even advanced than Google analytics)
  • Doing PPC without a proper landing page is a big NO NO (ask us what do we mean by proper landing page)
  • Never try CPM if you want sales or conversions
  • Broad keywords? We don’t recommend it

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Who are we?

Passionately in love with Digital marketing, Great Success stories, 10+ years in the industry, one of the most knowledgeable teams, 65+ team members, Ad word certified Professionals 50% are Masters in their subject (Only great team can produce great results) & more.


  • Google certified partner
  • Bing accredited partner
  • TIE associate member
  • Group company part of NASSCOM
  • Senior member of WEBMASTERWORLD since 2003
  • Senior member of MOZ since 2006

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