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Social Media Kolkata

Social Media Marketing For Kolkata-based Companies by a Kolkata-based Agency

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other social channels are constantly updating their features and changing faster than any other communications technologies in history. So, how do you build and grow your social media presence in an ever-changing landscape? It's a mix of different factors : 

Don't treat social media as a silo 

Search marketers, PR practitioners, tech experts, designers and social media marketers need to work together to create a seamless customer journey experience. One question that we are often asked by our clients is " How many agencies should I hire to get my digital marketing right?" If you too have the same question, you can watch our educational video "Why you need 4 agencies to get your digital marketing right" which will give you useful insights on agency selection. Our CEO, Aji Issac, keeps sharing new industry insights on his LinkedIn Page.

Our Custom Social Media Marketing Services for Kolkata Companies

We know the pulse of Kolkata. We know how to make it big here. If you are a Kolkata-based company, or planning to launch a product, service for Kolkata area, we can help you. These are the areas where we can add tremendous value:

  • Customer engagement on social media (to increase interaction and keep customers happy)
  • Targeting prospects through social media (sales-oriented targeting)
  • Social media campaigns for product launch (to increase awareness and create a buzz)
  • Social media marketing for Kolkata events (objective is to increase footfall at local Kolkata events)
  • Social media marketing for branding

Get in touch with us to know how we can plug-in our social media knowledge to help you achieve your business goals quickly. Whether you are part of a small, medium, or a big business, or are an individual entrepreneur, your customers are using social media, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be, too.