Goal, Timeline, Returns & Processes

As we mentioned on different pages, we treat marketing channels as profit blocks (Direct Profit, Profit through branding, Profit through organic growth) and we are 100% ROI focused. We work towards setting the right digital marketing goals which are aligned with your business goals.We divide our work into following categories:

  1. Building Profit Blocks (Gives you a starting and establishes a profit block. Now you can take it forward to get returns from it). Here our main goal is to build the profit block.   More details at /services/building-improving-profit-blocks
  2. Maintaining Profit Blocks – Keeping some of the channels alive (the most minimum work needed).
  3. Improving Profit Blocks to achieve profits. (We have divided the Marketing activities under various profit blocks) 
  4. Consulting, Auditing (We charge hourly and try to achieve the target)
  5. Channel specific work like Ranking, improving fans (We put a target and try to achieve it)
CategoryTime lineCostingGoals
Building Profit Blocks2 months to 6 months (Depends on the profit block selected)$99 to $299(One time costing)Purpose is to get the profit block established. For making profit from it, you need to further optimize it.
Maintaining Profit BlocksVery low activities to maintain the profit channels.$99 per monthPurpose is to manitain the profit block as it looks great for businesses.  For making profit from it, you need to further optimize it.
Optimzing Profit BlocksActivities depends on investment. To start getting significant returns it will take 2 to 6 months.$99 to $10000+ per monthIt depends on your investment.
Our first goal is to make the marketing break even. Profit from marketing per month should be more than what is getting invested per month.
Our second goal is to keep increasing the profit.
Consulting, Auditing, One channel work like SEOOne time, on demand servicesWe charge $12 to $45 per hourGoal is to deliver the asked work and returns.

Tracking Return on Investment (ROI):

We have divided our metrics into 2 groups:

  1. Effort metrics – What work we have done (we agree on a budget per month or per activty and report the work done report as agreed).
  2. Result metrics – What results have we produced. We divide the metrics into different bands based on priority and track it monthly/weekly or as agreed.
  3. For more details, please see the metrics page