[PR] How To : Write a Press Release?

[PR] How To : Write a Press Release?

A press release serves many purposes like –

  1. To let the whole world of web and off the web know about your services/ products/ launches.
  2. News websites publish contents from the press release websites.
  3. You end up getting more links to your site.
  4. PRs add credibility to your website.

Find More details at – Why do we write press releases13 Things to Take Into Consideration When Writing a Press Release

  1. First of all news has to be new and newsworthy
  2. You must write the release in the “third person”
  3. Use active voice
  4. Write in plain, simple language. Avoid excessive use of adjectives and fancy word
  5. Headline should convey the gist of the story in one sentence
  6. Should be brief, concise and not be repetitive in nature
  7. Contain a valid email and phone number
  8. Provide as much contact information as possible: Individual to contact, address, phone, fax,
  9. email, web site address
  10. Include a link of the company website in the release
  11. Add the date and location at the beginning
  12. Titles must contain keywords
  13. Add quotes of concerned officials as it adds credibility.

How should your press release look?

Date, Time & Location:

Headline (Start with a short and appropriate headline) First Paragraph – All key information like – who, what, where, when and why must be in this paragraph. Second Paragraph – Add details of the key information you’ve mentioned in the first paragraph. Third Paragraph – Add quotes from someone relevant to the story. Don’t write too many points in one quote. Ideally one quote should make one point. Fourth Paragraph – Extra relevant information if you have any. Note – If you are adding photos then include these info – what is the occasion, date, where it is and contact details. —————————————————————— Contact – Name Contact Number & Email Id [Type your Company name here] [Type your company address here] Telephone Fax Company Email Company Website [Type www address]

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