[PPC] How to create Yahoo ads? Tips for Beginners !

[PPC] How to create Yahoo ads? Tips for Beginners !

When it comes to PPC, Google Adwords ROCKS cause of it’s simplicity and ease of use and I always recommend it to our clients over Yahoo and Microsoft. But many times we just can not put our all eggs in single basket we got to explore other channels to minimize the risk and maximize the ROI.
I have worked with many other PPC platforms along with Marketing solutions‘ of Yahoo and adCentre‘ of  Microsoft and every time I worked with Yahoo Ads I have faced so many challenges mostly related to usability and ease of use like activating Yahoo ads for your clients is like a Mammoth task mainly due to of it’s very unfriendly nature as our clients specially those who are working on Yahoo ads for first time finds it very difficult to activate it and there is no option in Yahoo that we do the first 4 steps and client do the last part of activating, for the time our clients has to perform all the 5 steps by themselves.
Well we can not change Yahoo Ads for the time so I thought of writing this post on “How to create yahoo ads for beginners“, I’ll be updating this post further as I encounter with further FAQs from our clients.

  1. Before starting with the Yahoo ads please make sure to create a Yahoo Advertising account [Link].
  2. Login to Yahoo Marketing Solutions [Link] and go to [Link] & follow following steps –

Yahoo! Search Marketing in 5 Simple Steps

  1. Select the Target Market and Time zone and click get started, Please note that when you select some market like Hong Kong your whole language will change into it’s native language in that case simply select English language from the given option[Link]
  2. Choose Keywords Related to Your Business – Enter up to 50 keywords or keyword phrases, one per line related to the products and services your business provides. Click Next : Related keywords, If you find some relevant keywords then add them and Click Next : Pricing.
  3. Daily Ad budget – Specify your daily spending limit and maximum bid. and Click Next : Create Ad.
  4. Create Your Ad -Write the ad that will be displayed to prospective customers. Character limits for Title is 15 and for body description is 38.
  5. Activate or Save Your Ad – Review your ad and activate it by entering your billing information or save it until you are ready to activate.
  • If you face any problem while activating your account just give us a call.
  • Here is the Video Tutorial by Yahoo [Link].

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