Content Writing Guidelines #1

Content Writing Guidelines #1

As a content writers we have to take these points while writing the content. the way you described all the points are fantastic and I like it.

  1. Follow inverted pyramid style. Write the important and the most relevant point in the introduction.
  2. Organize your ideas in a logical pattern.
  3. Use active voice –
    1. “We are doing this thing” (Right)
    2. “This thing is being done” (Wrong)
  4. Write insights not embellishments.
  5. Use words that readers are familiar with.
  6. Avoid multiple-comma sentences.
  7. Don’t end sentences with prepositions.
  8. 1 idea, 1 paragraph
  9. Use bullets, sub-heading and numbers. For complex data use tables.
  10. Headings and sub-headings must accurately describe the body text.
  11. Avoid over-using weak verbs.
  12. Don’t insert keywords for the sake of insertion.  Keyword insertion must not disrupt the flow of the article.
  13. Don’t use 3 words when 1 word will do. For instance, instead of writing this is why, due to the fact that, owing to the fact that write because, since and why.
  14. Plagiarism (of text, ideas, formatting) is a complete no-no.  Don’t simply rephrase the content to avoid plagiarism. You need to come up with unique idea + formatting of the article.
  15. Once you are done, check the spelling, facts and coherency of the article.

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