Content Guidelines #2

1) Use common phrases. Avoid similes, metaphors,  or figures of speech that we commonly see in print. Also, phrases like ‘gone for a toss’s is primarily used by South Asians.

2) Don’t use a long word when a short one will do.
3) Less words is always better. Avoid verbose text, redundancy and over use of adjectives.
For instance,
1) Go for top-notch, reliable printing services –  This one is, by far, the most basic consideration.
opt for high-class, reliable printers, to rule out the possibilities of erroneous prints and fuzzy visibility. The text fonts and colors used should be clearly printed, to lend a crisp, smart look to your card.
4) Don’t use passive where you can use active.
5) Use common sense.
For instance, one of the introductions I saw was –
Yes I Lost 5 bucks! That was the reason why I was so reluctant to purchase things via internet. You must be thinking that I lost the amount due to credit card scamming, but let me tell you that this was because of my ignorance and less research work.
Nobody loses 5 bucks in credit card scams!
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