Digital Marketing for E-commerce

Are you into E-commerce business? Have you explored digital marketing mix yet? You would say that there are traditional marketing channels like TVCs or newspapers to let people know about your business. True! However, if you haven’t tried digital marketing so far, you’re missing out on a lot.  

We have successfully delivered a number of E-commerce projects so far. Take a look at some of them. 

Did you know online shopping and ecommerce is a multi billion dollar industry? And it’s expected to reach $1.5 trillion this year (Source Selz). Moreover, 71% of buyers believe that they are more likely to get better deals online than in physical stores.

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Let’s now discuss how we can help. PPC: Let’s face it! The journey of a shopper starts on Google. And PPC can show the fastest results to get you on the first page. But there is always high competition. In this scenario, you would need professional help to run your ads on Google at minimum price and with optimum returns.  

 People hardly turn to page #2, when they search for something specific. So, if your ad doesn’t appear on the first page, it’s as good as nothing.  SEO: If PPC is needed to get instant results, SEO is required for achieving long-term goals. There are multiple things, we do in SEO for E-commerce. Fixing onpage factors like meta-date, page title, product description, keyword analysis, competition analysis are a few of the major ones. In off-page SEO, our activities can range from submitting product lists to third-party websites and other directories. This ensures better visibility for your products.   

 Good SEO refers to adding fresh content to your website. We do it on a regular basis, be it including or updating the new products or adding new blog posts.  Social media marketing: Social media is the biggest channel to build a strong community around your brand. It also lets people know about your business easily. It’s very efficient to interact with your audience. Almost every prominent E-commerce business has a strong social media presence. They not only use this amazing platform to increase their sales, but also build a brand awareness. 

 If you haven’t started it yet, this is the time. There are many tools like Facebook tabs, Pinterest Product pins that can help you achieve your business goal on social media.  Blogging: Blogging for eCommerce may seem extra to some people, but it offers a great ROI in the long run. You can launch new products, talk about your business policies, boost good reviews, pen down how-to guides for the products. Moreover, it adds an additional channel to enter into your site. Gradually, you would understand how the blog has become the main communication center with the audience.  

 eBay does it the right way. They start with their audience’s pain point and solve them with their products. And all they do it on their blog.  Email marketing: As an eCommerce business, you must know how important your user database is. Whenever you have a new product or a new offer, emails are the quickest way to reach your existing users. But traditional email marketing is of no use in this fast and busy age. You need to send interactive emails, where your audience gets a chance to redirect to the concerned webpage with just one click.  

  Emails play a very important role in E-commerce digital marketing. To amplify the reach, we mix them well with other channels like social media.  Mobile strategy: According to Comscore, 78% of mobile searches lead to purchases. So, you must have a mobile strategy in place if you want to survive in the industry. As far as mobile strategy is concerned, there are two ways we can help your brand, apart from making it mobile-friendly. First, creating a mobile app for you and second, market it on all app stores.  

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