You Don’t Get Anything by Proving an Agency Wrong

“There are neither good nor bad agencies; it’s all about mutual understanding and how you leverage each other’s USPs to get the most out of the relationship.”  We have seen a few so-called bad agencies doing amazing job for a client and some of the greatest agencies not being able to giving ROI their clients expect. So, what  it’s  all about? We’ve tried to crack –

How to find a good digital marketing agency?

There are 3 types of agencies:

  • Agencies which are super organized, cool and focused.
  • Agencies which are little below at par.
  • Agencies swinging between 1 and 2.

A good agency would always ensure to give the best to its clients. However, it is not only the agency’s responsibility to give the ROI. You as a client are equally responsible for it. Don’t just thrust everything on the agency’s shoulders while you sit back calmly at your office. You’ve to work together with the agency – give them suggestions, help them understand your business, encourage them, discuss the processes, and progresses etc.

There are big clients who their agency’s team to grow by providing their ideas and by working with them together as team which resulted in a successful partnership. Even some of our clients help us to understand their business and what they want to achieve out of a particular project or venture. Sometimes our clients also encourage our team members by sending out gifts for them as a token of appreciation

How to work with a good agency?

  • First 3 months, take risks together. It’s usually the time to implement technical set ups, promotional campaigns, analysis for the next phase etc. 
  • Make a plan together, review it, and detail it. Don’t leave the agency all of a sudden – get clarity on what they are working on.
  • Focus on the areas that are aligned with your business goals – are you looking for sales, organic growth, branding for sales? If sales, then focus on strategies that will bring immediate sales.
  • Conduct a weekly review of the work. Check the quality of the work done and the results. Ask them a lot of questions
  • Respect and trust the team. It’s not “You are doing wrong”, it’s about “How can we do it right?” It’s not about finding faults, but finding solutions together.
  • If you realize it’s not working out, talk to the senior members in the agency and give them another 2 weeks.
  • Track metrics and build dashboards which you can easily review. Focus on the most important tasks every week that you will review.
  • Interact regularly. In the next issue I will share one of the incidents where regular interaction with the client helped us get the project on the right track.
  • Pay enough. If you are paying less, work on basic stuffs. Don’t ask your agency to accommodate everything if you’ve a small budget.
  • Pay 50% in advance and 50% after work.