What excites me to work in Techshu

We learn, We innovate, We challenge

Without excitement it will be very difficult to move ahead in your life especially professionally. And if the professional ground is not good enough, it will in turn hamper the social, personal and spiritual space of your life. Now ask me what excites me to come to Techshu on daily basis with great enthusiasm?

Techshu was a startup and now it has grown up a bit but a long way yet to go. Working in a start up is completely different ball game altogether. You have to have some sort of aggression and inner motivation to take the company to the next level. But at the same time you will learn a lot in terms of different techniques, success-failure, management leanings and almost everything to run a company, the cycle in fact. You have to work hard here and remember work hard. It could be more than 12 hours a day just to earn the survival. I love to work hard with using tiny part of my brain. That’s why I enter into the gate of Techshu with a laughing face daily.

We face challenges and problems on daily basis in terms of execution, delivery, innovation, process and qualities. But that doesn’t mean that we should give a pause. No. Rather I jump into many of the problems and try from my bottom of the heart to resolve the problems. Sometimes I fix it, sometimes I fail. But cannot think to stop myself away from the problems. I visualize a problem is there and try to resolve those ASAP. If you are a problem solver, come and join Techshu.

No one stops us in innovating things in digital space and reading stuffs on daily basis. Starting from GPO, links, marketing, SEO, we as a team together try to innovate things on daily basis. If you love innovation, if you love ideas, wired thoughts, come and join Techshu. No one will stop you to think the way you can and come up with great ideas. Internet itself is the largest playground of the thinkers and doers.

We are in one of the most dynamic industries in current global business scenario. Every month marketing strategy changes, every month thousands of products are getting launched, every month trillions of dollars are getting invested in breakthrough products. You have to be on your feet. New strategies and steps drive me to come to Techshu.

We have heard the terms like ‘be your own boss’, ‘be responsible’ etc. Here we practice such things and we want to take responsibilities to be responsible in life. I take the ownership of what I do here. If I fail, I tell that it’s my fault. There is no pressure at all. I got very good team mates here. I come Techshu daily.

I want to run corporation, an MNC. I dream that vision with Techshu. I come to see my dreams daily.


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