Web Design Trends to Watch in 2015

Web designing has come a long way from being static to dynamic. But when it comes to design trends, they are ever-changing. The sky is the limit as far as it concerns designing and coding. However, keeping the eye on the latest design trends, we can safely say that these 9 tips would help you create a compelling web experience for your audience.  # 1 Only responsive is not enough: This may sound repetitive but if your website is not all-device-friendly, this is the time you change it to responsive. Having said that, you need to make sure that your website is compatible with smartphones, tablets and also with smarter devices like smart watch and TV. This would not only increase your visibility but also would improve your search engine ranking, as Google now values responsive sites more than ever.  

# 2 Ghost buttons: They look gorgeous and minimal, thus perfect for this-age smart websites. They often come with subtle animation. The main purpose of these buttons is, including call-to-action effectively on the backdrop of a large background image or video. You can expect some advanced versions of such buttons this year.  

# 3 Parallax scrolling: It’s nothing new, though we expect that Parallax scrolling will reach to the next level this year. The magic of this technology is, it almost creates a 3D effect on a website. The viewer can scroll up and down through one single page to visit the entire website.  # 4 Flat design: Flat design is the latest ‘in-thing’ in web design. The main feature of this technology is bigger and bolder typography encrypted on attractive and vivid graphics. This design makes a website clutter-free and ensures a hassle-free user experience.  

# 5 New age Typography: Gone are those days when designers used to depend only on Google Web Fonts. They now have full access to high-end professional fonts with web kits at a minimum price. Responsive typography will also see a rise in 2015. And the new trend would be a combination of smart typography with bold images. So, the cool fonts of prints that you are familiar with, will soon start entertaining you on the web.  

# 6 Bigger bolder background: Larger and bolder image backgrounds are definitely “in” these days. Some creative souls have even been experimenting with 3D banners in this section. So, if you come across more and more websites having videos as the background, don’t be surprised. This will be a new trend in website homepage design for sure. Moreover, bold colors will be in use more than ever, coupled with bigger and stylish fonts.  

# 7 Card-based design: Businesses have become more competitive to send their messages across to the right audience at the right time. Card style designs suitably fits the bill, when it comes to fitting content on different screens and styles. These card designs can be dull, if not implemented with creativity and proper knowledge. However, there are brands, who have already started walking towards the right direction.  

# 8 SVG : SVG refers to the modern-age animation in vector style. It offers a clear and crisp user experience on any screen. The animation quality is so good that it looks as good as a 3D film.  # 9 Microinteractions: You must have come across pop-ups that appear out of the blue when you are about to leave a website or close enough to finish an article. They have a name: microinteractions! And true to the name, these elements are used for engaging existing users on different levels. Use of microinteractions will be increased to a great extent in 2015. But whoever will focus more on usability, will surely overshadow others.   

  These are some of the latest trends in web design. However, each business is different and so are the requirements. Do you want to know what would fit your business? Contact us.   


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