Vine turns 1, celebrates with collection of top six-second videos

A year ago, Twitter released Vine, an oddly green app that let users film six-second videos.Right off the bat, many questioned whether six seconds was enough time to film anything of significance, but a community of creative users immediately flocked to the new mobile app and proved a lot can be done in six seconds. 

Whether artistic videos or hilarious skits or even footage of real, breaking-news events, Vine proved its worth. The app became so popular that it eventually forced Facebook’s Instagram to add video-recording capabilities to its app.  

 Now Vine is celebrating its 1-year anniversary with a new website called “A Year on Vine.” The site hosts a collection of the top Vines posted in 2013 as well as the first few weeks of 2014.

 In total, there are 18 minutes’ worth of Vines on the website, which means there are about 180 Vines in the collection. So grab a snack before you sit down to watch them all. 

“We introduced Vine because we wanted to make it easier for people to create and share videos from a device we almost always have with us: our phone,” Vine said in a blog post. “Since then, you’ve shown time and again that video can bring us together in new and profound ways.”



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