Twitter: You Can Search Tweets By Date Range; Emojis Come On Web Version

What were people tweeting on last IndVsPak match? Untill now it was a difficult question as twitter is a crowded place with users tweeting millions of posts everyday. And finding tweets on the basis of date was similar to finding a needle in a haystack. Techcrunch reported that ” It was just kind of a pain, and not at all user friendly. You had to be quite familiar with the way Twitter search works — enough to know that it supported “since:” and “until:” operators that you could manually add to your search. Given that the #2 thing that Google autosuggests for “search Twitter by…” is “search Twitter by date”, it’s probably safe to say this wasn’t easy enough.”

However, with Twitter adding ‘Search by date’ option to its advanced search page –  finding tweets has become easy. 

Another update from Twitter  

It now supports emojis on its web version. Until now users tweeted emojis from their smartphones which showed as hollow boxes to users accessing twitter on the web. 

However, it seems that emojis aren’t supported in tweets that are embedded on websites. 


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