Performance Marketing To Drive Results: Expert Guidelines From the Best Performance Marketing Agency In Kolkata

Performance Marketing To Drive Results: Expert Guidelines From the Best Performance Marketing Agency In Kolkata

Performance marketing is all about getting results, It is a form of marketing devoted to driving scalable results such as website traffic, leads, or sales. There are several reasons why performance marketing is a proven way to get results. 

Firstly, the rise of digital marketing has made it easier to monitor results, with the help of analytics tools you can comfortably find out how many people visited your website and how many of them became your customer. 

Secondly, the market is becoming more competitive and every business is looking for attention. Performance marketing has the ability to cut through the conflict and reach your target audience with the right message. Finally, Performance marketing is the best option for businesses with restricted marketing budgets, as they need to pay only for results and not for impressions or clicks that don’t result in conversions.

But, first of all, let us understand the concept of Performance Marketing.


What is performance marketing?

Performance marketing is a tool that allows advertisers and marketers to pay the digital advertising platforms only when the desired action such as clicks, subscriptions, sales or downloads has been completed.  

Performance marketing holds a variety of formats such as native advertising and Sponsored advertising:

  • Native advertising: Native advertising matches the form and function of the media format where it appears, and they are mostly designed to blend in with the surrounding content.
    For example, A native ad could appear as a recommendation on a news and media website.
  • Sponsored Advertising: It is a type of advertising where an advertiser pays to feature their brand name with content on a website or on mobile applications. The content can come in various mediums like videos, infographics, images or articles. For example, an image on Instagram is tagged with a company name but is not actually posted by the company.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Performance Marketing

Compared to traditional marketing, performance marketing is more focused on providing measurable results, Here are some of the merits and demerits of performance marketing:



  • Results are Measurable: You can track the performance of your campaign and find out how much revenue your marketing efforts are generating. 
  • Focused Approach: Performance marketing makes your ad work like laser-guided missiles which are dropped on particular audiences based on their demographics, interests and online habits. This means that your ads are shown only to those who are interested in products and services increasing the probability of conversion.
  • Budget-friendly: Advertisers only pay for results, therefore you are not wasting money on useless clicks and impressions which fetch you nothing.
  • Flexibility: You can make required changes in your campaign if you are not getting the desired ROI.



  • Complicated: Performance marketing can prove to be complicated for some users. It is important to have a good understanding of it or you can choose an experienced performance marketing agency in Kolkata to optimise your marketing campaign.
  • High Competition: For organisations with a limited budget it could be difficult to survive therefore it is important for SMEs to be spot-on with their campaign management decisions.
  • Fraud and Cheat: Some advertisers can use the tool in an unethical way, for example, they can click on their own ads or could use bots to generate traffic.


Here are some important tips to make your Performance Marketing Successful:

  • Use machine learning models to find out which audience can generate the right ROI, Once the audience clicks on your ad utilise machine learning to predict which users are most likely to download apps, visit sites or make purchases.
  • Try to focus on user interest, This can be very beneficial for e-commerce website advertisers. For example, if a purchaser Robert has purchased hiking shoes from your website and you find out that he is interested in camping then you can target the user for cross-selling camping bags, tents, torches and other adventure-related products. You can also place your ads next to the keywords related to user interests.
  • If an individual has visited your site and has shown interest in laptops but has not completed the purchase cycle, you can send that individual a personalised message or an email urging them to visit your site again and complete their purchase.
  • If you are showing your ad too many times it might frustrate your audience on the other hand if the frequency is too low your ad might get unnoticed.
  • To control fraud activities marketers should use AI-powered solutions that can detect fraud patterns.
  • What’s the time when your ad can get maximum exposure? Try to find out and display your ads at that particular time to get optimum results.


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