Implications of Google #Hummingbird Algo update

At a special event in the garage where Google was born, the company announced a new “Hummingbird” search algorithm is live and especially designed to handle complex queries. This update is complete different one as compared to Panda and Penguin. The earlier updates were the continuation of Caffine update. But this was will be a whole paradigm shift and experts are calling this one as conversational update.

“This update to the algorithm focuses more on ranking sites for better relevance by tapping further into the company’s Knowledge Graph, its encyclopedia of 570 million concepts and relationships among them, according to Amit Singhal, Google’s senior VP of search.”

Now what are the implications of the Hummingbird update? What search marketers should do to be there at the top of the search results?

I would like to mention some of the quick strategies from all other aspects as what the marketers should do.

  • Social interaction and engagement: Make larger images for your blog or article posts.
  • SEO & Social – Start incorporating hashtags in your blog posts and social media posts. Hastags could be long tail and generic keywords.
  • SEO Link and Promotions – Do some genuine link campaign and genuine press release. Engage local customers to talk more about you. Also to make the concept or the website viral, create some Facebook apps and let it go viral.
  • SEO Content– Create informative, precise content. And not SEO optimized content. Try to create a small content and information hub within the site. Include Blog, more webpages, FAQs, whitepapers etc.
    • To include conversational search pattern, you can write some QnA in this pattern:
      • What is the price of the product?
      • Is it a good buy for me?
      • What is the best season to visit Cuba?
      • How many clients are there for this company?
  • Design & UI – Check your pages on a mobile device. Are you giving customers the information they need on important pages?
    • Is your phone number evident?
    • Can you click to call?
    • Are you business hours displayed? Add the same thing in Local SEO and Google Places Optimisation.

As Hummingbird algo update will include more long tail keywords, so it is advisable to add information and data within your website. But to do this, you will face some difficulties as it will be necessary to increase the base of your website. Include Blog, more webpages (under service category say for example), FAQ section etc. In social media for the same projct also, you should be asking some queries with hashtags while you engage your audience. This will give better mileage in terms of rankings.


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