HR Activity on Stress Awareness Day

Stress affects us all and no more so than in the workplace. The chemicals, adrenaline and hormones which build up in our systems in response to the pressures of everyday life have no way to dissipate in our modern lives, and the effects of this can be serious enough to cause significant physical and psychological damage. Stress Awareness Day aims to promote awareness of these particularly modern challenges! We the HR Team at TechShu, made sure that on this particular day (5th Nov 2014) team members take some time off from their daily routine task and do something relaxing.  A Facebook event was created wherein all the team members logged in at 4pm 

  A crossword was created with the all the answers related to TechShu internal team and it was fun to to explore the answers, of course one could not get any help from Mr. Google! 

             The Answers are given below with reason: 

  • ACROSS-1- (Team Videsi Boys) : The Team that takes care of the projects from abroad…SMB
  • ACROSS-4- (The vahan provider) : The transport manager…VICKY
  • ACROSS-6- (Team India wale) : The team that takes care of Indian Projects…CUSTOM
  • ACROSS-7- (The cool, breezy Birla client) : One of our first clients…LINENCLUB
  • ACROSS-8- (TechShu’s foreign destination) : Just started our operation here…IRELAND
  • ACROSS-10- (The fruit you ought to eat everyday atTechShu) : Daily dose of Digital Marketing news at
  • DOWN-2- (Phuchka, diya,cotton ballseverything has beenused to decorate this) : We are referring to the much loved bay decoration competion…BAY
  • DOWN-3- (The needle has stopped moving here)…DASHBOARD
  • DOWN-5- (Team Shakespeare) : The Team of the Writers…CONTENT
  • DOWN-9- (The Web Kotler) : Refering to our mentor and CEO…AJI

 Stay Stress Free, Stay Happy!   


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