How To Use Linkedin For Lead Generation

Have you correctly used LinkedIn for lead generation? It can generate higher leads for your B2B business which is even more than Facebook and Twitter. The professional network alone drives almost 80% of leads from social media, per a HubSpot study. 

 In this article, we will talk about LinkedIn lead generation tactics that every business must use.

Publish every weekday: In order to remain on top of your LinkedIn network’s mind, you need to post everyday on the platform. If utilized properly, the channel would send maximum traffic to your business website. Let’s take a look at a Buffer App finding.  

 It shows that LinkedIn drives 64% of social referrals to business websites, while Facebook and Twitter accounts for only 17% and 14% respectively.

Use LinkedIn Groups: LinkedIn has revoked the Question & Answer section, which was the most favorite segment for businesses to get valuable leads. However, LinkedIn Groups are still there to help you get closer to your leads. There are hundreds of groups that you can join on the platform. And you can also create one on your own to connect and interact with your target users.

Use LinkedIn search: Have you tried LinkedIn searches lately? It’s an amazing way to spot leads for your business. And the fun part is, you can actually search with job roles, company name, location, industry, and even education. If you want to target decision makers from a particular country, you could not be able to find a better solution.  

Send InMails: LinkedIn InMail is a great emailing service that lets you send mails to any LinkedIn account holder, even if they are not in your notwork. The only drill is, you must upgrade to a premium LinkedIn account to avail the service. This is must because LinkedIn does not allow sending emails to random people to ensure the basic privacy of LinkedIn users. But once you sign up for a paid plan, you can enjoy sending emails to anyone on the platform.

One gentle reminder: InMails are limited for every month. So spend them wisely.

Run LinkedIn ads: LinkedIn ads are excellent way to reach out to the targeted group of people. Many people are heard to say that LinkedIn ads are expensive, but at the same time we need to remember that the quality of leads would be way better than other channels.

Start today!  Use these 5 tactics to generate leads on LinkedIn. Had you any confusion, feel free to connect with us on LinkedIn