How To Research Your Audience And Your Competitors With Facebook Graph Search?

 Will you feel excited if we tell you that you can find your perfect audience on Facebook? Of course, you would. So, how about a tool that will help you do  a thorough research on your potential customers as well as spy on your competitors? 

Presenting Facebook Graph Search

In last year December, Facebook revamped their search mechanism while saying goodbye to Bing. There is no “Search on Web”, instead you can find a direct option to search through the largest social network.  

 Since then, a lot changed, in terms of Facebook Graph Search use by companies and brands. This tool is getting used more as an audience research tool because, come on, when the largest social network opens their database for businesses, who would need any other tool?  Let’s see how you can see this tool to know about your audience: 

Know your audience with Graph Search: 

Facebook fans play the most important role in marketing. Facebook graph search can help you find important aspects of your audience in multiple ways. To find out their location, type in, “People from a location who like your page”.  

 There is also an option for language search.  

 In case you want to target people, who belong to a certain relationship status, Facebook Graph Search can help you find them.  

You can find out what their interests are. Type in the search box, “Interests liked by people who like your competitors’ pages”.  

 You can also find out what other pages that your fans have liked on Facebook.  Type, “Pages liked by people who liked my page”.  

 The same formula would work when you want to analyze multiple pages.  

 You can search your audience based on gender.  

 You can research on age and location.  

 Let’s now see how this data will help you create more effective content and campaigns 

Facebook ads powered by Graph Search:

When you’re setting a target audience you can use the interests that you collected from graph search.  

Campaigns targeted to a specific audience:

 Facebook now lets you narrow down your audience for any post on the page. You can do it with interests, age, locations, languages and other parameters as well.

 Over to you: These are only a couple of amazing things you can do with Facebook Graph Search. If properly used, a lot can be done with it.  Want to know how it might work for your business page? Fill in the form below. One of our social media guys will get in touch with you.