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Google tries to bridge the gap between online and offline worlds

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Google Now has got a new feature that is all set to bring together the worlds of internet and reality. The feature is up and running from today onwards.
In a Google+ post, the company announced the inclusion of this feature in its Google search app and gave a simple instance of how it works:
You’ve been looking for the perfect pair of hiking boots online, but haven’t gotten around to pulling the trigger. Starting today, if you’re out and about and near a store that carries those boots, you might see a Google Now card showing you the product and price to remind you that you wanted them. Now all you have to do is pop into the store and check if they’re in stock! Just be sure to update your #GoogleSearch app for Android now ( to get the new reminder
This update is the latest in the slew of updates that Google has had in the last few days. Yesterday, Google announced that its Google now cards will also run in offline mode. Earlier, there was an update which made it easier for people to locate their cars in the parking lot.  
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