Google Search Looks Different

Google rolled out new search results for desktop users. The font size is bigger, the search results are no longer underlined and the ads are no longer seen in a yellow-colored box. The search giant has been experimenting with search redesign since last fall, when it first began bringing out similar changes for mobile users. The changes in the layout were rolled out on a limited basis a couple of weeks back. Most users thought their search was hijacked; and some thought it was a Google hoax. The confusion was cleared when Google’s Jon Wiley posted on his G+ page about it. The changes are now live to all users. 

Here’s how the ads look like now – 

And the search results look like – 

As font size has become bigger the titles are truncated. Earlier you could stretch your title tags upto 70 characters. With the new design you’ve to settle for 60 characters. The new layout was first spotted by Dan Barker – according to Search Engine Watch’s report. 


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