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Google Renews Deal with Twitter to Bring Back Tweets in Search Results

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Do you remember the time when your tweets used to appear on Google search results? It was back in 2009 to 2011. Not only tweets were easily searchable, but it also helped users to know about world incidents, real time. 
A happier time for Twitter indeed. 

Breaking news: They will be back soon!

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As confirmed by Bloomberg, the two companies already signed a deal. And according to the report, you could expect to see the changes on search results in the first quarter of the year itself. 
Anthony Noto, Twitter’s chief financial officer, revealed that they had been working on this since last November. He said,
“Had been working to make tweets easier to find through search engines, and that negotiating with search providers could be a “unique opportunity” to distribute tweets to more people.”
The deal looks quite promising for Twitter but would it help Google or should we say Google’s own social network in the long run? Or is there a separate strategy on Google’s part altogether? Let’s take a look at the complete analysis
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