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Why Clients Trying another SEO company is good and unavoidable

One of our previous posts, "How to work with a digital marketing agency" got some good appreciation from agencies and customers. This can be concluded in the same series "Agency - Customer relationship".

We have many of our customers as return customers. They work with us for few months/years, they move to a new company, then they come back and stay almost forever. Reasons why people went for other companies:

Business benefits of Instagram


Instagram is an online photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos, apply digital filters to them, and share them on a variety of social networking services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. The most social of photo apps isn’t just about sharing artful shots of sunset, it has some brilliant real world uses too. (source: WIKIPEDIA)

Fast Facts on Instagram

SEO Packages Vs Custom SEO Pricing

There is always a debate between packages SEO and custom priced SEO, whats better? We have never put a packaged SEO as we were catering to people through referrals. Most of our customers are through referrals. Now when we are scaling up and reaching out to more and more people (through Ads, Social Media and Search Engine Ranking), we see a need for packages.

UBUNTU Grand Master Challege Tips

1. Submitted by Rajesh on 20th Feb
Tip#1 How to Crop Image?
- Type Windows (Button)+R
- Type GIMP
- Open Image
- Click Crop tool or type Ctrl+C
- Select the Crop area
- Hit enter
- To save - Export to JPG or PNG
Tip 2# Alternatives of Important Windows Software
- For Photo editing - Photoshop - GIMP, you can install Picasa
- Notepad - Leafpad
- Ms word - Libre Writer
- Ms Excel - Libre Calc
- Ms Paint - Gpaint
- Spark/gtlak - Pingdin

Content Writing Guidelines #1

  1. Follow inverted pyramid style. Write the important and the most relevant point in the introduction.
  2. Organize your ideas in a logical pattern.
  3. Use active voice -
    1. “We are doing this thing” (Right)
    2. “This thing is being done” (Wrong)
  4. Write insights not embellishments.
  5. Use words that readers are familiar with.
  6. Avoid multiple-comma sentences.
  7. Don’t end sentences with prepositions.
  8. 1 idea, 1 paragraph