Facebook Page Administrator Roles

Facebook Page Administrator Roles
Facebook Page Administrator Roles - Techshu Blog

Someone asked me –

“We need to create different ID for all our Facebook Pages, as it is not safe that multiple team members are admins to our FB pages, Someone can mistakenly delete our whole FB page, we need to be careful, Rajesh can you please help us here, how we can do it?”

TechShu team works really very hard almost day and night to rock our client’s Facebook pages to make them outstanding and remarkable page. And one slight mistake like if someone mistakenly hit delete button then our whole effort can go into vain and such damage is irreversible and we may lose our credibility and client too.

So, How to Avoid such Unpleasant Cataclysmic Event?

It is pretty simple; Facebook page gives flexibility of different admin roles and all you have to do following simple steps – 

  1. Create one separate master account and make it as Manager of page (Super Admin) and do not ever give its password to anyone – This account will have 100% of control over your pages.
    • This account can delete your whole page.
    • This account can change roles of other admins.
  2. Make all other admins as Content Creator – if you want them to add new contents or delete any post or comments.
  3. List of other admin roles and rights are given in following table. You can choose them according to your need.
  4. Always make sure that there is only one Manager (Super Admin) for every page and never ever share its password with any other team member or client.
  Manager Content Creator Moderator Advertiser Insights Analyst
Manage Admin Roles        
Edit the Page and Add Apps      
Create Posts as the Page      
Respond to and Delete Comments    
Send Messages as the Page    
Create Ads  
View Insights