Celebrate Earth Day with Rufous Hummingbird, Veiled Chameleon, Moon Jellyfish, Dung Beetle, Puffer Fish and Macaques: Thanks to Google

Google celebrates the 44th Earth Day with 6 interesting creatures that include puffer fish, veiled chameleon, moon jellyfish and Rufous hummingbird. The Doodle’s accompanied by a photo sharing initiative on G+ called #MyBeautifulEarth.  

 The Rufous hummingbird got a lot of attention by the users. Reason – the Hummingbird update. Here’re some of the other lovely creatures in the Doodle –  

  Google has been celebrating and raising awareness about the Earth Day with its much – talked about Doodles. In 2013, the search giant  commemorated the Earth Day with an interactive doodle that captured a slice of nature’s subtle wonders – one could discover animals, control the weather, and observe the seasons.  

 The Earth Day is designed to “[activate] individuals and organizations to strengthen the collective fight against man’s exploitive relationship with the planet.” The Earth Day website this year says –  “Our planet is at a turning point. The massive global migration underway now from countryside to cities will demand huge investments in energy, water, materials, waste, food distribution, and transportation over the next 25 years. If the right investments are made now, this unique opportunity will be the catalyst for dramatic changes in the built environment and the fight against carbon emissions and climate change.”


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