Creating Compelling CTA – A Game of Website Design

You have redirected your customers to your website from various digital marketing networks. Excellent! Now what? How can you ensure that your leads take the desired action on your website?  

Jay Baer once said that the end goal of all your digital activities should be customer-driven action. Of course, there must be a WOW factor in your content presentation, but the ultimate job is, motivate them to take the action, you want.  

Call-to-action (CTA)

 Call-to-action refers to the instruction that a business gives to its audience to provoke an immediate action against an activity.  However, creating CTAs that would work for your business is not easy. It’s a science. You need to understand your visitors, their online behavior and psychology when they browse through your website. Here are some pointers that you must keep in mind while creating your CTAs. What works best: When it comes to creating good website calls-to-action, buttons work best. No hyperlinked text, no gifs. A simple CTA button.   

Make it more user-friendly: People love to sign up where they need to spend less time. Offer them easy and user-friendly sign-up process. A social media login or simple email login would work better than a web form.  

Position it well: When the viewers land on your website, your CTA should be positioned well. The idea is to place them strategically, so that your audience finds it with ease.  

Size does matter: The CTA button should not be too big or too small. It should not be big enough to piss your visitors off or it should not be too small, so it goes unnoticed.  Pay attention to the color: It’s the most important part. The color should be in strike contract to your website. This will increase its visibility.  However, it’s seen that orange and green work well with CTA buttons. But always test different colors and sizes before finalizing it.  

Make it less-salesy: Today’s customers are smart with a very complicated psychology. If you directly tell them to submit their email ids, they won’t do it. But if you offer them an incentive on clicking on the CTA button, they surely would click.  

Promise value: You have managed to make your audience click on the CTA button. They must be expecting something really good in exchange of their details. So, your responsibility becomes bigger here. Remember, you made a promise. Stick to it.  

 When someone clicks on “Discover Bravia”, he expects every details of the products that belong to the category. Sony is doing it right.  Conduct A/B testing: Different CTAs work uniquely on different situations. One CTA that worked for one website, may not work for you. So, always run A/B tests to end up with the one that resonates best with your audience.  A right CTA can work wonder for your conversion. We can assist you to create a CTA that can never go unanswered. Write to us with your query and we will get back to you soon.      


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