7 Smartest Social Media Management Tools

Social media marketing requires time, as it involves multiple tasks to deliver the desired results. As a social media manager, you need to strategize your posts, talk to your audience, track results, monitor mentions, report to your superior and there are other jobs as well. But there are tools that can help your streamline your social media tasks easily.  In this article, we will give you 7 smartest tools that will help you with social media management. HootSuite: HootSuite is an awesome time-saving social media management tool, where you can manage multiple social networks at one go. There are multiple tabs and streams that you can create to manage your social profiles. The main feature of the tool is, scheduling. However, apart from that, you also can access customized analytics for each one of your page.  

 There are three plans available along with one free plan. But both the paid plans come with minimal price tag, if you compare them with the services offered. Buffer: Like HootSuite, Buffer is also a social media scheduling tool. But it has some advanced features compared to the former. For example, you can pre-determine your post timing for each day of the week. This helps you schedule easily and fast. And unlike HootSuite, you can access the analytics for free on Buffer.  

 Buffer App offers two different plans for individuals and business. Individual plan has two subplans with one free plan while the business version offers three paid plans.  IFTTT: It’s an automation tool for social media. Those who are already using the tool, know that the tool is somehow different than other management tools. You can connect all major social networks to the tool to ease your social posting process.  

 The basic mantra of this tool is, “if this, then that.” For example, if you set an ‘If’ with ‘publish a new blog post’, and ‘Then’ with ‘send a Tweet for that’, the tool would follow the instruction blindly.  Similarly you can give any instruction and it will be done automatically through IFTTT. And the best part is, this awesome tool is free.  SocialFlow: SocialFlow is a social media scheduling tool with a couple of advanced features. Apart from scheduling, it’s also popular as a social media tracking tool, where you can monitor your social media posts and your community’ comments on various social networks. This feature, in particular, allows the publisher to know about the popular interests of the community, so the brand can start promotion with either messaging or paid ads.  SproutSocial: SproutSocial is probably the most favorite social media management tools for brands for its seamless navigation and design. It offers a single stream inbox, so you never miss any important message. It also lets you post, schedule and collaborate easily on different social networks. Along with scheduling, it offers a monitoring and analytics tool to check and track important metrics for your business.  

 SproutSocial has three paid plans for businesses. Apart from that, they also offer customized plan for agencies.  SocialBro: SocialBro is a social media management tool for Twitter power users. This tool lets businesses target and engage their audience more efficiently on Twitter. It lets you find out the influencers within the community, best time to tweet, engagement quotient and potential competitors on the platform. It analyzes your followers’ timelines and provide you with best times for getting RTs, replies and clicks.  

 SocialBro has one free plan and one paid plan for businesses.  SocialOomph: SocialOomph is a social media marketing tool with a slight inclination to Twitter. If you are an avid Twitter user, you would love this tool. It does almost everything for you on Twitter and that too for a minimum cost. Scheduling on Twitter, tracking keywords, monitoring mentions and RTs, auto-follow, auto-DM, auto inbox cleanup, you can do almost everything with this tool.  

 Apart from Twitter, you can manage Facebook, LinkedIn, blog and Plurk with this tool. There is one free and a paid plan for businesses.